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The 3 most powerful NLP techniques
– and how to do them

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a series of techniques and methods that can be used to change your attitude, the way in which you think, and to positively influence the results you get and the emotional states you experience.

I’m going to share with you the most effective NLP techniques I use, why they work so well and tell you how to do them. These are the tools that will give you instant access to good feelings and wipe out any negative emotions what have been loitering needlessly - for years maybe.

These are the tools I most commonly use in my therapy practice to help people achieve staggering positive results really fast (and I charge them quite a lot of money for that experience - you’re going to get that information for just £4.99 postage & packaging.)

These 3 CD’s (which contain information usually reserved for NLP Professional training qualifications) contain the following…

Technique No.1 will tell you:

How to instantly improve your emotional state.

Where most people go wrong with this NLP technique.

How to increase the potency of the positive emotions you desire.

Technique No.2 will teach you how to:

Resolve conflicts with others.

Help you develop the ability to see the world from another person’s point of view.

Genuinely feel empathy understanding of the emotions of others therefore increasing rapport and resolving unease in relationships.

Technique No.3 will:

Obliterate significant emotional events from the past and resolve past hurts and injustices.

Offer you the opportunity to forgive yourself and others.

(3 CD set valued at £197.00)


How to hypnotise yourself to achieve
massive personal improvement.

Self-hypnosis is the easiest and most relaxing way to develop total mind power. Hypnosis has been recognised by medical councils in the UK and USA since the 1950s due to the speed and effectiveness demonstrated when helping those in pain and for helping people undergo operations without any anaesthetic.

I’m going to tell you about the best ways to achieve hypnosis, without having to visit a hypnotist and pay a fortune. The secrets I share here are really simple and easy to follow but the best bit is, the better you get at it, the more effective you will become at mastering your own mind.

With practice and the help of this guide, you too will develop the ability to enter into a deep relaxing hypnotic state where you can create the changes you desire.

You’re going to discover how to:

Achieve total body relaxation and how to develop a trigger that will allow you to return to that deeply relaxed state whenever you want.

How to count yourself down into a deeper level of trance for healing, pain control and unconscious suggestion.

Learn the importance of slowing your mind for better health and wellbeing.

Safely bring yourself out of trance feeling refreshed and alert.

Plus you’ll receive our best selling full length hypnosis session currently sold on People Building and Itunes for £7.99.

(2 CD set valued at £97.00)


How to Influence Others With Your Language

If you’ve ever felt inspired, compelled to react, felt emotionally moved or persuaded by the words of someone, then you have been affected by hypnotic language.

This is rarely something that occurs by accident. Great leaders and speakers are trained in how to use key words in certain ways to gain maximum effect.

This CD will unravel the truths that powerful speakers keep secret. It includes:

Discover the power of intonation and command and how to use your voice to create maximum impact.

Learn the words that are proven to cause others to take action and respond to your instructions.

Find out a major confusion technique which leaves the unconscious open to instruction.

(CD valued at £47.00)


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Well the good news is that there is something else I want to give you too! That's the catch!

I want to give you a 30 days free trial of the People Building Membership Club.
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Every month you will be posted...

A hypnosis script dissected - Discover what they suggestions really mean, find out about the linguistic predicates used, the hypnotic language patterns and what the changed in intonation are really saying.

A free hypnosis audio - Currently available to purchase from People Building and itunes for £7.99 to help you change and improve or for you to supply to your therapy clients.

A mini podcast - If you currently enjoy the People Building Podcast, then this mini show will appeal to you. Every month you will receive this CD which will cover a specific topic not shared on the regular podcast.

NLP Uncovered - Every month we’ll take something from NLP and explain what it is, why it works and how to use it.

And you'll also have access to...

People Building Members Club Webinar - The webinar is for all those of you who love self development and who often think of going along to your local NLP/hypnotherapy practice group- but never actually get there. We'll be inviting along some of the bigwigs from the world of self-development to tell you what's hot and what's new. It's an opportunity to refresh your knowledge and share your ideas with other like-minded individuals. All from the comfort of your armchair.

Video Podcast Each month I will record a video bringing you new or exciting news from the world of self development.

Members Club Forum As a member of People Building you will have access to our forum from where you can download the previous 6 months membership materials and communicate with other members in the forum.

So not only will you be increasing your own skills (and socialising with other like-minded individuals) for those of you who are already working as therapists, it's a great way to do some professional development (CPD) and do some problem solving with others!

So what happens after the 30 free days Gem?
You have no obligation to continue the membership but if you want to, there is nothing for you to do.

You're next months membership goodies will be on their way to you. If you chose to continue with the memberships programme it is £42 per month and the first payment will be 30 days after you first signed up.

Argh! My credit card has been stolen by ninja squirrels and I need to cancel my membership. How can I do this?
Just send an email to info@peoplebuilding.co.uk and give us your name with a quick note saying you want to cancel your membership. We will reply to let you know when we have done this. Please keep a copy of the email you send.

How long will I remain a member?
We will keep coming up with new and brilliant content every month so you will stay with us until you say otherwise. You are in control of your membership and so if you want to cancel you need to make sure you communicate that to us before you payment is taken. For this reason there are not any circumstances when we give refunds.

What is the minimum length of time I can be a member for?
You've got the power so it's totally up to you.

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